This series of workshops is designed to equip lab managers with basic risk assessment techniques for developing and implementing safer laboratory practices. Learn to identify hazards in your laboratory and how to evaluate the risk or likelihood of injury through quarterly interactive discussions and hands-on workshops. Take your career to the next level and expand your safety leadership by earning a safety certification from EH&S.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Identify hazards, evaluate and mitigate risks
  • Perform incident investigation & analysis
  • Encourage lab worker participation and engagement in safety
  • Develop and deliver lab-specific safety training

All lab managers and researchers are encouraged to participate in these workshops. Priority enrollment will be given to those demonstrating a commitment to earn safety certification by attending a series of workshops. Spaces are limited; save your seat now in Worksafe.

2018 Topics

March 2018: Near miss accidents and risk assessment
TBD 2018: Assessing risk and developing mitigation strategies
TBD 2018: Everyday lab safety (join us in the lab!)
TBD 2018: Safety Leadership