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Risk Assessment Core Curriculum

This 4-part workshop series provides UCLA researchers interactive training in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in laboratory settings. Developed by EH&S specialists and experts in adult learning strategies this series blends safety theory and practice through engaging hands-on activities, case studies, and group discussions. Connect with other researchers while gaining new skills for managing risk in your environment. Learn and use practical management tools and a risk assessment framework to drive change in your workplace.


Those who attend 3 out 4 of the workshops (in any order) will qualify for an official Safety Certificate from EH&S and the Office of Research Administration (ORA). Enhance your research career, add safety credentials to your resume, and transition from scientist to lab leader!


Spaces are limited; save your seat now by signing up on Worksafe.


Lunch will be provided for Workshops I, II, and IV


Workshop I: Accidents, Near Miss Incidents, and Risk Assessment

March 18th,19th or 20th at 12pm

Come join your fellow researchers and EH&S for a candid discussion about laboratory accidents and near misses. Lunch will be provided as you gain new skills and/or sharpen old ones through sharing and analyzing personal stories from EH&S staff and the campus community. Get an introduction to risk assessment by participating in interactive group exercises to develop strategies for preventing, mitigating, and learning from accidents and near misses.


Workshop II: Assessing Risk and Developing Mitigation Strategies

June 4th, 5th or 6th at 12pm

What can researchers at UCLA do to control for the hazards they encounter in the laboratory? A lot! Enjoy a free lunch while you and your workshop colleagues consider familiar scenarios, the risks involved, and some of the things we do to make things safer. Practice using the integrated risk management cycle to assess risk and develop more effective mitigation strategies preemptively. Risks can’t be completely eliminated, but they can be prioritized and reduced!


Workshop III: Everyday Laboratory Safety

September 10th,11th or 12th at 1pm

Finally, here’s an opportunity to put your risk assessment and mitigation skills to the test in a simulated lab environment! No, it’s not virtual reality, but it is a lab augmented with five unique stations designed to make risk assessment tangible. Use your knowledge and the experiences of your colleagues to navigate these challenging hands-on exercises. Unfortunately, we can’t provide lunch inside laboratories. Don’t get hangry - eat before you arrive. If you’ve attended this one before, come see how your skills are holding up! The stations are fresh and new each year.


Workshop IV: Safety Leadership

November 19th, 20th or 22nd at 12pm

Are you interested in integrating better safety practices into your lab’s culture? Inertia and other obstacles can be overcome by working smarter, not just harder. Lunch will certainly help too. Lead the charge as we show how to structure your ideas and resources into a lab-specific safety management plan. Achieve buy-in through understanding what motivates people. Aspire to leadership with or without formal authority. Let’s jump start your plans and projects so you can start implementing them in your lab.


Advanced Safety Theory

You have completed the Risk Assessment Core Curriculum, now what? Unleash your potential and hone your safety leadership skills by completing an Advanced Training workshop. Stay informed about current issues affecting the safety landscape, learn how to integrate risk management in your workplace, and explore the unique challenges of research in an academic setting.


Workshop I: Optimize the Use of Your Lab Space

May 7th or 10th at 12pm

Get ready to tackle disorganization, storage deficiencies, and misallocation of work areas in a series of interactive exercises meant to teach the principles of rational lab setup. Gain access to tools for exploring lab layouts, and challenge yourself and your colleagues to improve the way your lab space is utilized. Lunch will be provided.

Workshop II: Responding to Incidents

October 14th or 17th at 12pm

Lab-related incidents happen, and when they do researchers are typically the first on the scene. If this could be you, then take this workshop! Meet with emergency responders and your peers to discuss emergencies & other types of incidents, appropriate response tactics, and how to be the most valuable resource you can be during the event. Lunch will be provided.

Spaces are limited; save your seat now by signing up on Worksafe.