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Do you have a persistent issue in your lab that could be solved if only you had a well-designed plan, help from EH&S or a little momentum?


Lab ENGAGE is a collaborative program between research labs and EH&S to help improve your work environment. We want to support your enthusiasm for change and we are committed to promote environment, health, and safety initiatives.


Past projects supported by Lab ENGAGE:

  • Set up a lab management plan to schedule regular, rotating checks of lab organization and safe practices (Tolbert lab)
  • Coordinated a cleanout schedule for freezers in the lab, which expanded to include a full de-cluttering of the lab space (Modlin lab)
  • Systematically reviewed and updated critical research protocols (SOPs) (Ophoff lab)
  • Planned and executed a complete lab relocation from Warren Hall to CHS (Belperio lab)



“This program is a great incentive for any lab that wants to get lab members involved in everyday lab safety…Now we have a more functional lab with everyone pitching in.”


Lab ENGAGE projects should:

  • Impact environment, health, or safety
  • Address an existing issue relevant to your group
  • Solve a systemic problem that benefits the majority of the lab (not just one person)


Why should I do it?

  • Each participating lab member receives $75 quarterly for up to 3 quarters


Submit a brief description of your issue and the obstacles you are encountering