Overview and Criteria

All laboratories are welcome to participate in the Lab Directed Safety Inspection Program, however, space is limited.  This program is intended to improve safety through the active engagement of laboratory personnel in a program customized to their lab environment.

EH&S Safety Ambassadors will help the labs to plan and establish a local safety plan. Once the plan has been accepted and approved by the Principal Investigator and EH&S, a regular (quarterly) meeting schedule will be set. At these meetings EH&S personnel will verify that the program is being implemented and will help to modify the safety program based on feedback from the lab. Once participation in the safety program is verified, each lab participant will receive $75 towards their Bruincard each quarter.

The criteria to participate in this program include:

  • Principal Investigator approval/sponsorship for all lab members to participate.
  • Create an Ambassador improved plan.
  • The incentives can only be given out to personnel with valid UCLA ID numbers.