• Batoul Amir-Ahmady
  • Deborah Anisman-Posner
  • Devin Brandt
  • Maria Dimaano-Salanga
  • Sergio Duarte
  • Sima Ghavim
  • Hoa Lam
  • Ravinder Malik
  • Martha Maxwell
  • Robin McKee
  • Rachel Sauvageot
  • Jessica Scholes
  • Robert Susick
  • Tammy Rickabaugh
List is in alphabetical order by last name.



I.N. for Safety Winners

The awardees were nominated by their peers for their excellence and commitment to safety. They have been recognized by the Vice Chancellor of Research, OSOC and EH&S for their exemplary safety initiatives. 


  • Barbara Dillon
  • Nam Che
  • Mochi Li
  • Sima Ghavim
  • Anne Pichotta
  • Mit Muni
  • Qin Han
  • Lauren Kawaguchi
  • Joseph Callahan
List is in alphabetical order by last name.



Safety Theory Workshops Certificate Awardees

The awardees were recognized for completing at least 3 out of 4 workshops within the first two years of Safety Forward.



Lab Engage Participants

These labs have improved safety through the active engagement of their personnel.